Who is FIRE for?

If you’re willing to develop and stick to a plan, it really doesn’t matter whether or not you quit your job to pursue financial independence. Many people who achieve financial independence do so as a W2 employee. Also, financial independence doesn’t mean that you have to quit your job. It just means that your job needs you more than you need them. This gives you an upper hand to be able to negotiate things like your salary, hours, vacation time, etc.

Early retirement is less for people who hate their jobs and more for those who have a clear idea of a different lifestyle or goal they may want to pursue. A good reason to retire early is that you have an alternate vision for your life that you are eager to pursue but which you can’t pursue while employed full time. This is my reason for it. As much as I can try and inspire you to achieve this and provide a road map along with a mindset change to do so you yourself will have to figure out WHAT you want to do after achieving financial independence. 

Yes, some people who have achieved FIRE firmly believe that anyone can do it. If you can’t, they argue it’s because you’re not saving or cutting back enough. That doesn’t quite make logical sense when job growth is still lagging in some states and wages are stagnant nearly everywhere, though. I want to make sure that we recognize that the ability to put distance between your income and your spending is often a privilege. While financial independence does require cutting back on expenses, it also requires a decent income. That said, many others in the FIRE community acknowledge this. So I want to make sure that we recognize that the ability to put distance between your income and your spending is often a privilege. It’s not realistic to think that everyone can save enough to retire early in a country that doesn’t value a lot of professions or commit to a living wage.

So while plenty of folks have become financially independent without earning six figures earning more certainly helps speed things along. As we go through our journey together I will start to introduce different “side hustles” that you can start to do in order to increase your income.

“Never spend your money before you have earned it.”
– Thomas Jefferson –

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