Day 10 – Start Buying Items In Bulk To Save Money

Buying items in bulk can be a great way to save a little money. If you’re able to reduce the cost per unit of a purchase, then you’re opening the door to reducing your household expenses over the long haul. It just make so much more sense to buy in bulk because you are not paying for all that fancy packaging that just ends up in the trash anyway.

Sometimes bulk buys don’t quite work out. You end up buying something in bulk, only to discover that it didn’t really save you money after all.

Before we get into it I want to share with you the three big sources of bulk buying failures so you can avoid doing this before taking in my advice.

First, perishable items tend to be bad bulk buys. If an item can grow stale or rot within a relatively short period of time, you shouldn’t buy it in bulk without a plan for accommodating those problems. You can get away with buying things in bulk if you freeze them, for example, but you still need to plan ahead for their use to avoid freezer burn.

Second, variable use items tend to be bad bulk buys. If having more of an item causes you to use that item more than before, then that item is a bad bulk purchase. Cookies are a great example of this. If I have dozens of cookies in the cupboard, I’m more likely to eat a cookie that I don’t really need. If I have tons of cell phone minutes, I tend to spend more time on the phone with relatively unimportant calls.

Third, items you don’t have room to store are bad bulk buys. We store our bulk buys in the garage where we have plenty of space. Some families don’t have that option. If you live in a small apartment, some bulk buys don’t make much sense.

Throughout this post I will go through a list of items that you should be buying in bulk to save money over the long run and why it makes sense to buy them. But first let’s get into the benefits of why it make sense to buy items in bulk in the first place.

Why Buy In Bulk?

  1. To save money: When you buy daily staple items & some food items in quantity, you can save some serious money. I’ve found that I can save as much as 50% on an item by buying more of it at once.
  2. To start a food storage system: By starting a food storage system full of shelf-stable foods, if a natural disaster or any other emergency happens, you will be able to eat.
  3. To shop less often: If you’re like me, you don’t have time to go grocery shopping all the time. If you have daily staple items & bulk supply of food items, you won’t have to go as often.

Buying in bulk is an awesome time saver. If you’ve been around my blog, then you know that I don’t only love to find ways to save money but finding ways to save time is so important to me. You may or may not have thought about it before, but saving time to do things that you love is a must. We always get so caught up in the day to day run of the mill stuff that sometimes we forget about life’s little pleasures. You know, like spending quality time with your family, or working on things you want to achieve. Anytime I can find ways to save both time and money, it’s a win win for me.

If you just go crazy and buy everything you can in bulk, you will end up wasting more money then you save.

For instance, buying flour in bulk makes a lot of sense if you bake all the time, but not so much if you only bake once every few months. Right?

Here Is A List Of 30 Things That You Should Buy In Bulk 

Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is a staple in every single home that everyone needs. It’s also something that you buy every single week. Nobody wants to run out of toilet paper, so it just makes so much more sense to buy it in bulk.


Batteries are another item the just about everybody uses. And, it’s usually when you need them the most that you don’t have any on hand. Plus, when bought in bulk, you save so much more money. Think about the last time you bought batteries at a drug store, you probably dropped eight bucks on a pack of 4 AA batteries.


Shampoo is another item that almost everyone needs. If you don’t, then I would think someone else in your household does.  It’s an item the most people use pretty much on a daily basis, so buying it in bulk makes sense.


Unless you (& your entire family) are allergic, then you probably go through quite a few eggs each week. Just make sure you buy just enough to last but not too much that they will go to waste.

Personal Care Items

Personal care items covers lots of different things. It could be body wash, deodorant, feminine products and much more. This is really up in the air as what it could be. Just think of things you use on a daily basis, these are things you should be buying in bulk.

Laundry detergent

Unless you make your own DIY laundry detergent, then this is something you use on a regular basis and can be bought in bulk. Those super large laundry detergent containers can get quite heavy so you could transfer it into several milk jugs or other containers for ease of use.


These are a great bulk buy, particularly if your child has recently moved up in diaper size. Cloth diapering can be even cheaper, but it’s not for everyone.

Gift cards

They are often sold at a discount if you buy them in bulk. If you regularly slip gift cards inside of birthday cards for people, this makes a ton of sense. Just pick up several and put them in the drawer where you keep greeting cards.


Cereal is expensive as you know and if you have children, then I’m sure you go through at least a few boxes every week. You can use plastic storage containers to keep it fresh. Buying it in bulk or in larger boxes tends to be cheaper.

Pain Reliever

Most people use pain relievers often enough to warrant buying it in bulk. Whether it’s an occasional headache, sore muscles or any other ache or pain, buying a larger container can save you quite a bit of money.

Cleaning Supplies

Just like laundry detergent, unless you make your own, then cleaning product should be on your list of items to buy in bulk. Again, if the containers are super large and hard to handle, just transfer it into separate spray bottles.

Dry rice

This is an easy to prepare for countless meals and lasts almost forever when dry. Once you get in a routine of cooking the rice, you’ll find yourself using it with lots of meals.

Dry beans

Are like dry rice – they have countless uses and are easy to prepare once you’re used to the routine. Dump some beans in a pan full of water before you go to bed. Boil them in the morning while you’re getting ready, then put them in the refrigerator before you leave.

Trash bags

They are very efficiently packaged, meaning a bulk buy often doesn’t take up too much more space than a normal package. Always having a trash bag doesn’t mean you’re going to generate more trash, but it does mean you won’t run out at an inopportune moment.

Light bulbs

They never get old. You’re also going to eventually replace them, so if you find a sale on bulbs, particularly in large quantities, stock up.


It never ever gets old and always makes for a healthy breakfast – and a tasty one, too, if you jazz it up with some fruit or a bit of honey or cinnamon.


Who doesn’t love pasta? Pasta is a food staple that most families make at least a few times a week. All different types of pasta can be bought in bulk, plus pasta is a super cheap grocery item, so this is a win win!


Whether you use artificial sweeteners or real sugar, this is an item that a lot people use on a daily basis. Maybe it’s in your coffee, cereal, or baking, it’s probably worth buying in bulk.


Snacks can be quite a few different items, just like personal care items. Think of items that your family loves and are always asking for, then buy them in bulk. You might want to hide some for the sake of portion control. I’m sure that when the family knows there are good snacks in the house, they go pretty quickly.


Soap is used multiple times a day and seems to run out so fast. Buying bars of soap in bulk at a cheaper cost per unit makes sense.


Don’t you hate running out of toothpaste? I do, and if I forget to buy some we are fighting trying to squeeze every little last drop out of the tube. Toothpaste is a staple in every home so it’s best to buy it in bulk.


Meat is one item that you can buy in bulk, but that can mean different things depending on your situation. If you have a family and enough storage, then you might want to consider buying a whole cow. If you don’t have much freezer space or have a smaller family, then just buying larger cuts of meat might be the best option for you.

Canned Goods

Canned goods are another great option to buy in bulk. You don’t need to buy humongous cans and try to use it all at once to keep from spoiling. You can still save money buying regular sized cans by the case.

Vitamins & Supplements

If you take any kind of vitamins or supplements, then this is another thing you should buy in bulk. You know that you are going to take these on a daily basis, which make it really easy to determine the size needed so they can be used before the expiration date.

Frozen fruits & vegetables

What’s great about buying large bags of frozen fruit and vegetables is that it’s super easy to separate them into the perfect portion sizes for your needs.

Pet food

If you have pets then you know that this is something that is on you weekly shopping list. Why not save some money and hassle and buy it in bulk. Plus it’ll save you from having to make a run to the store if you forget to pick some up.

Office Supplies

There are certain office supplies that you can buy in bulk that make sense. Just think how many times you’ve searched high and low for a pen, or how much scotch tape you use. If you have school age children, it’s no brainer to buy school supplies in bulk to save money.

Dish washing soap

Dishwashing soap is another one of those things we need and use every day. Unfortunately there is no getting out of it so it make a lot of sense to buy it in bulk.


Condiments that are used often in your home can be bought in bulk as well. If you are going to buy a huge bottle of ketchup, you can always fill a smaller squeeze bottle when needed to save on the heavy lifting.


If you use certain spices on a regular basis when cooking then it just makes sense to buy it in bulk to save money. You know it will be used up so there’s no reason not to.

There are many, many more items that you can buy in bulk. I created this list of 23 items that I thought would fit most people’s needs. But there are many more items that you can buy in bulk.

Start an ongoing shopping list of things you find yourself running out of all the time or things that you have to pick up once a week because you always need them.

These items are more things you can add to your list of things to buy in bulk. This will end up saving you so much money and time that you can spend on things that matter so much more.

Another option is to utilize Amazon Prime Pantry for you needs. This way you don’t have to haul all those groceries yourself, they’ll be delivered straight to your doorstep. Just remember to price comparison shop for the best deals.

Please leave a comment to share items that you buy in bulk.

“Never spend your money before you have earned it.”
– Thomas Jefferson –

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