All I have to say is this month really flew by fast. I had been overseas on holiday until the middle of January so in terms of progress I only had about two weeks to work on my business. A lot of it was research in terms what the next steps are in order to get my product manufactured, shipped and listed up on Amazon. There were some bumps along the research process which has pushed back the timeline of getting my product manufactured by about two weeks. I will need to formally submit my product for approval on amazon as my product is “Topical” and it requires approval before being listed. So the past few days I had been gathering all of the information that I need to do so.

So what was I able to accomplish during the month of January?

  • Outsource Amazon Description on Fiverr ($162.75)
  • Touch up rest of product photos on Fiverr ($20)
  • Adding professional photos onto website & animations
  • Find a logistics company to use for the first shipment
  • Connected with a media agency to make a product promo video

The good news is through all the research and planning I now have clear next steps and in the order that they need to be in up until my product launch. I had thought I was finished building the website and touching it up but since I have a habit of being a perfectionist I decided to make quite a few more changes to the mobile website. Also since the weight of my product shipment will be over a certain amount of weight I will have to hire a freight forwarder company to ship it to the amazon warehouse in the US. I have found one to do my first shipment with but in terms of the costs I will not have a quote for this until my product has been manufactured. I have also chosen a media agency to make my product launch video and the cost of that will be around $2,000. 

All the steps are laid out now and I just need to work on them one by one. February looks to be a month of acceleration and progress. Back to the grind!


“Never spend your money before you have earned it.”
– Thomas Jefferson –

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