Half a year already! When looking back and thinking where I would of thought I would of been when I first registered the business back in July I would of thought I’d have my product listed on Amazon by now. There is a lot of additional work that was required and unexpected timelines it took to get things done. A lot of it relying on other services such as getting labels made and professional photos ect. So going forward things should start to pick up in terms of progress each month.

So what was I able to accomplish during the month of December?

  • 10x Professional Photos – ($200)
  • 5x Photo touch ups of photos taken myself ($25 on fiverr)
  • 4x high quality laser printed labels $175

Getting the labels made and applied to my products was a big and time consuming step that really stops everything from moving forward until complete. In order to get a product listed on Amazon you need photos! Of course its best to have them professionally done too. So it has been a waiting game to get these done and I should finally be receiving them this week. At that point i’ll have them updated onto my website which will complete my site. I will also be able to start the process of creating my product listing on Amazon. Once that is complete i’ll be able to create a shipment and then work with my supplier on how I will be getting my product to the Amazon Warehouse.

December was a slow month in terms of progress but it had to get done in order to move into the next steps. January should be a month of accelerated progress and hopefully by the end of it I’ll be able to have my supplier start to manufacturing my product!


“Never spend your money before you have earned it.”
– Thomas Jefferson –

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