Thank you everyone for your continued support throughout the past few months. All my free time after work and on weekends have been put into developing the website for my business. I am not the fastest person when it comes to coding a website but I try to be a perfectionist when doing so. In terms of an update of the progress of the website it is about 99% complete. There are a few tweaks that I need to do before making it officially live. The hardest part about building a website I would say is making it mobile compatible afterwards. It took me around a month to generate all of the content for the site, making sure the contact page works, newsletter sign up is linked to my marketing database and making sure everything just well works.

After this I had been spending the last two weeks of the month making sure the website was mobile friendly and that everything was smooth and professional looking. Luckily when you purchase a theme through themeforest you have access to support which you can reach out to the developers if you get stuck trying to make a few tweaks. I must of raised at least 20 different tickets for things I couldn’t figure out on my own and they answered everyone of them! This had saved me a lot because in order to figure out these changes I might of had to hire a website developer for them.

With that being said I enter an exciting month ahead. In early November I should receive the blank product samples that I will need to have my labels put onto. Once this is done I will need to find a professional photographer to take high quality product pictures of my product so I can start putting them onto my website. After this is completed I need to reach out to a media company and have them put together a 30 second advertisement for my product which I will use on my website to market my product. I have the rough costs associated with these next steps but until I have my physical samples with the labels on them I am not 100% sure of the total costs just yet.

Hopefully by the end of my month 5 business journey I will be in the process of having my product manufactured.

If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments and I will do my best to answer them all.

“Never spend your money before you have earned it.”
– Thomas Jefferson –

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