My Business Journey – Month 3

What a month it has been trying to get everything all prepared to start the manufacturing of my product. If you had read through my last months business journey I had mentioned I would be starting the process of getting the labels of my product created. I was informed today that I would be able to start the production of my product towards the end of November so this has given me a clear timeline to get everything all sorted before then.

The labels of my product have now been completed and I have had given them to my supplier to ensure the sizing of the labels will fit on my product. I used upwork for this and hired a guy with a lot of experience in label making. I had designed the label and put everything together for him to fit it into the correct sizing for what I needed to be able to hand off to my supplier. There were a number of critical things that I competed during the month of September and here is a list & the costs that were associated with them.

  • Hired a designer through upwork and paid him $100 to design 2 different label sizes
  • Purchase a wordpress theme on theme forest $59

While I was in the process of the label being made of my product being and coordinating with my supplier, I had started to work on building the website which I coded myself. Being fairly new to coding it does take time but there are youtube videos in which you can learn from and you can google just about anything. If you are a beginner I would recommend purchasing a wordpress theme and editing the pre-written code.

After about 2 weeks my label was completed and I had sent it to my supplier for sizing. Everything went well and now I need to wait until they have my product mold done to start manufacturing in November. The rest of September each and every day after work I spent working on my website and I will start to track my progress on this during my next months business journey post.


“Never spend your money before you have earned it.”
– Thomas Jefferson –

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