It’s Never Too Late To Start

I had been thinking about creating this blog for years now. Almost 6 years to be exact. I wanted to create it at the start of my “journey of the rest of my life” as people say once graduating college but I didn’t. I had always had the goal to be able to retire before I was 30 and to blog about my journey but I didn’t. The years went on and on as it was still in the back of my mind. With the fear and doubt of it all. I was looking at creating this blog as a massive project. I had to learn how to code, wordpress, connecting all of the social media pages and marketing it. While there were other people out there with successful blogs after years and years of hard work put in. I was looking at it as if I was trying to compete with other successful people.

I was looking at the summit of the mountain when I should have been looking at the base. If I had started this blog 6 years ago who knows where it would of been, how many lives could I have changed, how many people would I have reached and how good would it of felt. Well that for now I can’t change but what I can commit to is that I’ve started. That is the first step of any journey. Finding the time after work is tough but the motivation that I will get from helping others achieve financial freedom will be worth it.

This section of my blog will be my personal journey towards achieving my own financial freedom and retiring before the age of 30. More of a motivational section that you can read in your free time. It will also keep me accountable on my own path to retiring early. The number one goal that I want you to take away from my blog is changing your mindset on how you view money. If you want to learn a little bit more about my background you can find it in my about me.

Now and then I always like to have a bit of motivation. Here is one of my favorites about Steve Job’s connecting the dots.

“Never spend your money before you have earned it.”
– Thomas Jefferson –

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