DAY 11 – Have A No Spend Weekend

The more you think of saving money as if you’re your playing a game the more fun it will be. So what is a no spend weekend? It is exactly what is sounds like. For just a few days, you need to occupy yourself with things that do not cost any money at all. So here is the most common question people ask when suggesting this idea.

Can you still have fun on a no spend weekend?

Yes, lots of frugal fun. And no this doesn’t mean you are stuck at home. You can have an amazing time during a no spend weekend.  The great part aside from all the fun is you are saving lots of money. I would highly suggest taking up this challenge at least once a month. You can even make a game out of it which at the end of the weekend you pay $100 towards your debt adding it to your investments.

I’ve found that some of the weekends where I spend no money at all are some of my best weekends (and most productive).The key to a No Spend Weekend is in the planning. There really isn’t a guide on how to do this but what I will provide you is a list of 75 things you can do on a no spend weekend. When you think about spending money just refer to the list and choose an activity to do.

  1. In home movie night
  2. Themed hot pot dinner party
  3. Camping inside or outside
  4. Walk in the park
  5. Go to the playground and play
  6. Play lawn bowling or tennis
  7. Hike the local trails
  8. Tour a free museum
  9. Craft night
  10. Scrap booking
  11. Play board games
  12. Bake cookies
  13. Donate to Goodwill
  14. Spend time with your kids
  15. Video games
  16. Play a sport
  17. Go swimming or skating
  18. Learn to be frugal
  19. Visit the art gallery
  20. Binge watch your favorite show
  21. Have a dance party
  22. Learn a new language
  23. Watch a podcast
  24. Take in the local farmers market
  25. Read a book
  26. Start a gratitude journal
  27. Set goals with your partner
  28. Checkout all the FREE stuff at the library
  29. Have lunch outside – plan a picnic
  30. Go for a bike ride
  31. Take surveys
  32. Learn a new skill
  33. Teach your kids a new skill
  34. Learn how to garden
  35. Have a garage sale
  36. Tackle that to do list
  37. Plan a date
  38. Attend a free community festival
  39. Go fishing if you have the supplies
  40. Practice yoga
  41. Have a nap
  42. Explore a new area of your city
  43. Start a blog
  44. Clean the house
  45. Do your freezer meal plan
  46. Volunteer
  47. Pay it forward, be kind to others
  48. Have a cup of coffee and relax
  49. Star gaze
  50. People watch
  51. Cup and conversation
  52. Organize your stockpile
  53. Rearrange the house
  54. Clean out the garage
  55. Plan your next staycation
  56. Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while
  57. Have tea with a family member
  58. Think about ways to earn an extra income
  59. Think about ways to save money
  60. Have a home spa day
  61. Cuddle on the couch
  62. Exercise
  63. Attend a free class at your local hardware store
  64. Attend a free class at your local craft store
  65. Play an instrument
  66. Attend a church function
  67. Have a neighborhood potluck dinner
  68. Go fly a kite
  69. Start Running
  70. Take photography
  71. Go on a scavenger hunt
  72. Read to your kids
  73. Attend a free event
  74. Visit family and friends
  75. Set a budget toward financial peace

Think of anything else that could be added to the list? Would love to hear it below in the comments.

“Never spend your money before you have earned it.”
– Thomas Jefferson –

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