Business Planning Begins

Earlier last month I had made a post about starting my own business. As I go throughout my journey on building this business I plan on sharing it with you all. I will try my best to do weekly updates on the progress of what I had done throughout the week. As I will soon enter a stage in my life that I have never been before entering college and that is debt free. Although I haven’t fully paid off all of my student loans just yet that feeling of relief is coming. Know that over the next couple of months I will have paid them off.

Although this will be a sign of relief it is also scary. For the first time I will be holding myself fully accountable for my own personal success. Most people would think getting a good paying job, buying a few properties and paying off students loans as being successful at a young age. To myself it was more of digging the foundation and setting myself up for success. In the next couple of months it will be the first time where I will have money coming in from my first property and the paycheck I take home the only expenses I have will be rent and taxes. Two things I can’t avoid unfortunately.

As I mentioned before I do not make a dime from this blog and my only intent of this is to share my story and hopefully inspire other people. Part of this in a selfish way is to hold myself accountable and once I do finally share it with my friends an family to let them know what I have been quietly doing all these years. The month of July is going to be a big one. I will start to register my business, register trademarks, create a logo, and begin to design the product that I will start selling (secret at the moment). I plan on sharing my journey with you all and might record the journey on youtube just will depend if I have the time to do it.

I look forward to seeing what the month of July has in store for me and I promise to share the journey as you can follow me through it.

“Never spend your money before you have earned it.”
– Thomas Jefferson –

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