Amazon Merch Guide: The Ultimate Side Hustle – Part 4

Understanding Keywords & Keyword Research

I touched on keywords earlier for a brief moment, but this concept needs a section of its own. Keywords are very important in determining how and where your product is positioned on Amazon, Google, and other search engines too.

The more you understand how Amazon ranks products by keywords (and other metrics), the quicker you’re going to start seeing Merch by Amazon sales.

It’s important to do proper “Keyword Research” to determine if a keyword is actually searched for by consumers, if it’s a “buyer related” keyword, and if it has enough “search volume” to make it worth using on one of your design listings as a “primary keyword”.

I’ll explain each of these to you and show you how to conduct basic keyword research so that you can better understand how to make the most out of your Merch by Amazon opportunity.

Let’s go back to the “It’s in my DNA” example I used earlier. My t-shirt idea revolves around this phrase so naturally I want to see if that’s the primary keyword I should use to optimize my Merch by Amazon listing.

Now that I have a basic keyword in mind that I know already has some demand and is being searched enough by consumers to appear as an “autosuggested keyword” on Amazon, I’m going to dig deeper and look at the search volume for this keyword, and others related to it.

How can I find search volume for a keyword?

There are various different ways to do this through paid services and free services. The data usually comes from Google Adwords anyway, and fortunately it is free to use.

Now to check the search volume for my keyword. Go to Google Adwords Keyword Planner, sign in and click the “Start Using Keyword Planner” button, and then click the “Get search volume data and trends” button as shown below:

Get Started With Google Adwords Keyword Planner for Merch by Amazon Keyword Research

You’ll be presented with a page that lets you input keywords, and adjust targeting filters. I recommend you keep the default filters. Also, this is a good time to put any keyword that comes to mind that is similar to the primary keyword into the tool to get more data.

Make sure you place ALL the “autosuggested keywords” from Amazon into this tool too. You can get many ideas this way and start to see what keywords are being searched for on Google the most.

How to Check Product BSR On Amazon

Now click on “Get search volume” to see how many searches each keyword is receiving.

How to Check Product BSR On Amazon

As you can see the average monthly searches for “Its in my dna shirt” Is in the 100 – 1000 range, but the more specific keyword to my design “Its in my dna basketball shirt” doesn’t have any search volume.

Keep in mind that this search volume is related to Google (not Amazon), but in general, buyer related keywords are searched about x2 – x3 more times on Amazon than Google.
Even if I use the long-tail buyer keyword “Its in my dna basketball shirt” I’ll still rank for “Its in my dna shirt” which receives 100 – 1000 searches per month on Google, meaning it probably receives closer to 2000 – 3000+ on Amazon.

Anyway, that’s a quick run-down on how to do keyword research for Merch by Amazon, and how you can find search volume and competition for keywords using Google Adwords Keyword Planner.

If you are looking to learn more about keyword research be sure to check out the various different educational resources online by doing a Google or YouTube search. I’ll expand on this further with in-depth blog posts and videos.

You can rinse and repeat the above method until you find product ideas and keywords that are worth pursuing further.

“Never spend your money before you have earned it.”
– Thomas Jefferson –

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