A Look Back On 2018

With a snap of a finger 2018 has gone by just like that. A year dedicated to living as frugal as possible to pay down my student loans. So how did I do? When looking back at my post in April on my Student Loan Debt I had $71,603.77 in student loans and the interest on these student loans I paid $7,692.74. I remember when I saw the amount that I had paid in interest in 2017 that I was going to make it my number one priority in 2018 to pay off as much as I can and I did. When viewing my student loan balance on January 2019 I currently now only owe $14,619.05.

My credit score has also rocketed up to 828 because my debt level is decreasing which is great. So after paying roughly 57k in student loans how much did I pay in interest? Well I am about to share with you made me even more sick to my stomach than what I paid in 2017.


I couldn’t not believe my eyes when I saw this number. How was is it possible that I paid THIS much in interest on my student loans when I paid so much towards them. This is now my fuel to become even more frugal each month and to find other small expenses to cut out of my monthly budget. All of the money saved I will add towards my student loan payments. So the loans that I have what do they look like?

$4,179.16 @ 5.4%

$5,126.68 @ 3.4%

$5,283.43 @ 4.5%

Total: $14,589.27

The method that I have been using all along has been the debt avalanche method. I will continue using this method until all of my student loans are paid off. All most there!

So what is in store for 2019? Well my first priority is to finish paying off my student loans and at the same time progressing my business. If you have been reading through my business journey posts I am almost at the stage when my product will be manufactured. I had registered my business back in July and have come along way since then. The past six months have flown by and a lot of progress has been done, all from the ground up during my free time after work. I’ll share more in this months business journey post in more detail on the progress so stay tuned for that.

So where would I like to be at the end of 2019? My goal is to be student debt free and to have my product officially launched and earning on average of $2,000 profit per month. I want to focus on mastering my first product and hopefully will be in the progress of launching my second product.

2018 was a year of progress and when I look ahead at 2019 I see it as a year of acceleration!




“Never spend your money before you have earned it.”
– Thomas Jefferson –

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